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Premature infant suffered profound and permanent disabilities due to physicians’ failure to properly manage mother’s pre-gestational diabetes.


Infant suffered permanent physical and cognitive disability due to physician’s failure to properly manage labor and delivery.


Infant suffered permanent injuries due to physician’s failure to properly manage labor and delivery.


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For Child Injured by Negligent Medical Care


For Child Injured by Negligent Medical Care

Medical Errors During Childbirth Can Cause Catastrophic Injuries - Porter Law Group

Many injuries during labor and delivery are caused by grossly-negligent care by delivery room doctors, midwives, and/or nurses who fail to follow well-established medical protocols designed to protect babies.

While some birth-related injuries are evident immediately, many are delayed and not recognized or diagnosed until many months or even years later when a child fails to meet developmental milestones.

Key Birth Injury Facts:

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Most Common Birth Injuries

The time just before, during, and after delivery is critical to newborns. Medical negligence can lead to injuries that may affect a child for the rest their life.

The Most Common Birth Injuries include:

Birth Injury Symptoms Can Include:

Close to 50% of all birth injuries are potentially avoidable by identification and planning for obstetrical risk factors. Injuries can occur when birth-assisting tools such as forceps or a vacuum extraction are used.

The Porter Law Group takes great care to investigate every aspect of your child’s medical history. We work with some of the country’s very best medical experts to obtain reliable opinions and get you the answers you need for your child.

Birth Injury Client Testimonial

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We’ll Uncover the Truth

Many parents of babies injured during childbirth are misled by medical providers to believe that their injuries were either inevitable or unavoidable — when, in fact, a careful analysis of medical records can reveal that mistakes were made and the injuries were entirely preventable.

You need our team of experienced birth injury lawyers and medical experts on your side to uncover the truth about what actually happened.

Get the answers you deserve. If you suspect a medical provider’s negligence caused injury to your child, call the Porter Law Group for a free consultation.

Your Child’s Future is at Stake

Birth injuries can cause permanent disabilities that often require millions of dollars of medical care over a child’s lifetime. Put our experience to work for you and your child.

Our team of lawyers and nationally-recognized medical experts will outline the exact nature of compensation available in a medical malpractice claim, and will walk you through each step of the process.